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Tour du Monde

Tourguides: Sarah + Nelly


start 12 o’clock

max. 10 participants

approx. 3 hours

on bike (will be provided)

main language: English (questions can be asked in German)

Meeting Point: Entry hall of Academy, the old building with the big stairs

When the world comes to Munich to celebrate Schmuck, let us take you on an exploration into cultural identity and jewellery on our 'Tour du Monde'... by bike.

We will discover whether there are any special characteristics and/or specific local issues that intrigue the artists, any particular materials and techniques or typical aesthetics or style that stand out in each culture. What makes a piece of jewellery an example of a country?

We will visit six countries, finding out which aspects of culture shine through. From social protest and jewellery as a reaction to social issue, to the subject of nature and urban landscapes.

Tour stations

Schlegelschmuck – Notes

Adalberstraße 11 – 7 Coordenadas

84 G HZ – It will all come out in the wash

BKV – Shesh

3stations – relatos habituales

Tschechisches Zentrum – Pioneers of Czech modern jewellery

 …and local places of interests on the way

For the tours through Munich, we request a contribution to costs of €7 for the surprises we've planned for you! Please pay your contribution directly to the tour guide.

tour du monde
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