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Drawing and Jewellery Tour

Tourguides: Samira + Jiye


start 12 o’clock

max. 15 participants

approx. 3 hours

on foot, tram, subway

main language: Englisch (questions can be asked in German, Korean, French)

meeting point: Entry hall of Academy, the old building with the big stairs

In this tour we explore the work of artists, that are dedicated to both jewellery making and drawing.

We look for links, similarities, differences or hierarchies between the two disciplines within the artist's body of work. How do the drawing and the jewellery affect one another? What comes first? Can one speak without the other?

The tour features new artistic positions as well as established masters of the field.


Tour stations

Galerie Biró Junior – Karma

Galerie Handwerk – Hommage an Manfred Bischoff

Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein – Doris Betz

Museum Villa Stuck – Private Confessions


For the tours through Munich, we request a contribution to costs of €7 for the surprises we've planned for you! Please pay your contribution directly to the tour guide.

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